A Blog!?

I have worked with WordPress developer for nearly 5 years, so its hard to believe that I’ve never had a real blog of my own.  My site has always been built on WordPress, but to use it to serve nothing more than a static contact page was ridiculous! (Joe has the right idea – his site is so fast!). Every day I build sites for other people and I spend more time in the WordPress admin than I care to think about. Yet I have hardly ever actually used it to publish anything of my own!

The company I work for (Human Made) is growing, and becoming more distributed. We are now spread across 4 continents, and communication is one of the biggest challenges we face. Its about time I sorted out my site!

So here it is. I’ve kept it simple. I’ve stripped out everything I don’t need, refreshed the old design a little, and I’m going to try and write about what I’ve been up to. I’m guess I’m going to keep it mainly focused on work; a bit of WordPress, a few links, and a the odd photo of my food.

Thanks for reading!

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